The Internet Moon

Maybe your browser is not good for WebGL...

Perhaps your browser does not support WebGL, or your system has not enough memory. This is common if you are using a mobile system, such as smartphone or tablet.

What do I need to watch The Internet Moon?

We recommend the following:

  • A x86 computer (PC or Mac) with at least 4gb of memory, or a tablet good enough for games.
  • A reasonable graphics card (should play Full HD movies smoothly).
  • A WebGL enabled browser. We recommend:
    • Google Chrome (any recent version)
    • Internet Explorer 11 or later
    • Safari 8 or later
    • Opera (any recent version)

    By "recent" we mean released in the latest year.

For information about browser support, see here.

The Internet Moon is also known to work on Windows RT 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11.

What about Firefox?

The Internet Moon works on recent versions of Firefox for x86 systems, but it's more restrictive in terms of hardware. If you have a recent, powerful computer with up-to-date drivers, that should not be a problem. More information here.

Can WebGL crash my computer/tablet/smartphone?

No, but your device may contain bugs in the WebGL implementation (or any component used to render 3D graphics) that may cause it to crash. Make sure your software and drivers are always up-to-date.