The Internet Moon

About The Internet Moon

The Internet Moon is a unique place to publish messages and advertisements, with worldwide visibility. The concept is similar to the One Million Dollar Page, but much modernized and with a more professional approach.

This website is powered by WebGL, a very important standard that enables not only games, but all sorts of graphics applications to become accessible from anywhere and any device having just access to the Internet.

You can be the member of a very select group of people and companies that own a piece of Internet history, and get a place at The Internet Moon!

Do it before it runs out of space!

About The Product

We sell spaces in The Internet Moon. You can put image, video or hyperlink in your space, and share with your friends a link that will highlight your space in the moon, like this one!

You can change the contents of your space many times, and you can even sell your space to others.

There are only 10,000 spaces, and once they are all sold, the opportunity is gone! Out of billions of Internet users, you can be one of the privileged that own a portion of Internet history! Of course others can clone this website, but The Internet Moon is the very first one that allows publishing content on a 3D sphere, and no clone can copy this feature: being the first!

This is not like cryptocurrency because we offer a tangible product, with real advertising value. Imagine that you own multiple adjacent spaces: you can add a large image and be noticed every time someone visits The Internet Moon. Also, the costs of keeping a website are decreasing and automated solutions are improving, which means the site may pretty much live for decades, or maybe forever!

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About Our Company

The Internet Moon is developed by a small familiar company located in Redmond, WA, United States. The initial purpose of The Internet Moon was to learn CSS, WebGL and other web technologies. We then decided to evolve into something that can generate some income!